Call Your Legislator

Regularly communicating with your lawmakers is the single most effective way to create change in the legislative process. When contacting your elected official, always let them know that you live in their district. Your personal story is the most convincing tool you have to affect the hearts and minds of legislators. Gay or straight, married or single, parent or student, Democrat or Republican – your story will make a difference!

When speaking with your legislator, start with the basics:

  • Where you live and work, and how long you’ve lived there;
  • Organizations or groups you are involved with, and connections to your community;
  • If you are part of a faith community;
  • Your family: children, parents, siblings, etc.
  • Issues you care about or are particularly concerned with

Meet your legislators or candidates for coffee, stop by their office, attend their weekend forum, call, email, or write to them and tell your story. Let your legislator or candidates know you support equality and fairness for all Wisconsinites!

If you are able to sit down with your legislator and have a longer meeting with them, don't be afraid to go into the details. You should talk about the ups-and-downs of life: the joy of raising a child, the loss or illness of a partner, meeting or falling in love with your partner, the need to protect your child or family from harm, and everyday life as an LGBTQ+ Wisconsinite, parent, sibling, or friend. Talk about how you are affected – directly or indirectly – by the lack of security, dignity, and protections for LGBTQ+ Wisconsinites. All of this information will help you build a relationship with your elected official and influence their decisions!