Children & Families

All families share joys, heartaches, struggles, and successes, and LGBT families are no different.

LGBT couples scored a victory in 2009 with the passage of domestic partnerships, but far more work needs to be done for LGBT youth and families. Currently in Wisconsin, there are thousands of same-sex couples and their families who are unable to secure legal and enforceable two parent adoptions, in many cases for some of the most vulnerable children in our state. Most families must cobble together legal protections in any way they can, usually through a combination of co-parenting agreements, estate planning and de-facto arrangements granted through the courts. This patchwork of largely unenforceable legal agreements is not adequate to protect Wisconsin’s children, or the rights of loving, committed families.

Fair Wisconsin understands firsthand the seriousness of this problem. We have been working with family attorneys, LGBT allied organizations, child welfare advocates and members of both the Fair Wisconsin Education Fund and Fair Wisconsin, Inc. Boards of Directors who have personally encountered these issues to fully understand what needs to be done as we continue fighting for fairness in Wisconsin.

If you have a story related to LGBT families and would like to share your story with us as we build momentum for legislative action, visit our Action Center today!