2012 Spring Election Results: Big Wins for Fairness in Wisconsin on April 3!

Our communities are unique, but across the state, gains for fairness have been made today.  Our local elected officials are on the front lines, helping advance measures like domestic partner benefits and anti-discrimination laws in places like Appleton, Racine and Manitowoc. In the current political environment in Wisconsin, our local elected officials are more critical than ever to advancing and protecting the civil rights of LGBT Wisconsinites. We are proud to have stood with these candidates during their campaigns.

Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna and City Diversity Coordinator Kathy Flores on Election Night

Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna and City Diversity Coordinator Kathy Flores on Election Night


Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna, Alder Robin Hill and School Board Member John Mielke,

Janesville Alder Jim Farrell,

La Crosse County Supervisor Bill Brockmiller,

Shorewood Village Trustee Thad Nation,

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett,

Milwaukee County Board Supervisors, in defending three incumbents against challengers and standing with six more: Supervisors Theodore Lipscomb, Nikiya Harris, Gerry Broderick, Marina Dimitrijevic, Patricia Jursik, Peggy Romo West, Willie Johnson Jr., Jason Haas and John Weishan Jr.,

Milwaukee City Council Alders Willie Hines, Nik Kovac and Tony Zielinski,

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judges, Lindsey Grady and Carolina Stark,

Dane County Circuit Court Judge, Ellen Berz,

Dane County Board Supervisors, in defending four pro-fairness incumbents, picking up three open seats previously held by anti-fairness incumbents and three more anti-fairness incumbents defeated to help dramatically increase the pro-fairness majority on the County Board: Supervisors Scott McDonell, Nick Zweifel, Kyle Richmond, John Hendrick, Matt Veldran, Carousel Bayrd, Dianne Hesselbein, Al Matano, Paul Rusk, Chuck Erickson, Melanie Hampton, Jeff Pertl, Melissa Sargent, Maureen McCarville, Robin Schmidt, Tim Kiefer, Sharon Corrigan, Pat Downing, Erika Hotchkiss, Jenni Dye, Patrick Miles and Bob Salov.

We look forward to working together with you in the coming years to advance fairness and equality in Wisconsin!

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