2014 Fall Election Endorsements

Updated September 5, 2014.

Fair Wisconsin Political Action Committee is committed to advancing and achieving equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Wisconsinites through strategic electoral activity. To earn a Fair Wisconsin PAC endorsement a candidate must participate in our endorsement process and state that they will publicly accept our endorsement. In races with multiple pro-fairness candidates, Fair Wisconsin PAC evaluates candidates based on past support of the LGBT community, future leadership potential, viability, and a history of working with Fair Wisconsin to advance equality. It is possible that a candidate may have a strong pro-fairness stance, yet not receive an endorsement from Fair Wisconsin PAC.

This summer, Fair Wisconsin PAC reached out to nearly 250 candidates for office across Wisconsin to gauge support for fairness and evaluate individual candidates.  Additional endorsements for legislative and other offices will be announced in the weeks ahead.

In addition to the numerous legislative and statewide endorsements listed below, we are proud to endorse three candidates for County Sheriff, who appeared on the primary election ballot in their respective counties: Dave Mahoney (Dane County), Chris Moews (Milwaukee County) and Rob Golla (Portage County).




Mark Pocan, District 2
Ron Kind, District 3
Gwen Moore, District 4
Mark Harris, District 6
Kelly Westlund, District 7
Ron Gruett, District 8


Dean DeBroux, District 1
Tim Carpenter, District 3
Chris Larson, District 7
Martha Laning, District 9
Janis Ringhand, District 15
Pat Bomhack, District 17
Penny Bernard Schaber, District 19
Randy Bryce, District 21
Phil Swanhorst, District 23
Janet Bewley, District 25
Jon Erpenbach, District 27
Kathleen Vinehout, District 31


Joe Majeski, District 1
Daniel Riemer, District 7
JoCasta Zamarripa, District 8
Josh Zepnick, District 9
David Bowen, District 10
Mandela Barnes, District 11
Fred Kessler, District 12
La Tonya Johnson, District 17
Evan Goyke, District 18
Marina Dimitrijevic, District 19 (primary election)
Jonathan Brostoff, District 19 (general election)
Christine Sinicki, District 20
Jessie Read, District 22
Terry Van Akkeren, District 26
Scott G Heinig, District 27
Travis Schachtner, District 28
Darrel Laumann, District 30
Mary Arnold, District 37
George Ferriter, District 42
Deb Kolste, District 44
Mark Spreitzer, District 45
Gary Hebl, District 46
Robb Kahl, District 47
Melissa Sargent, District 48
Chad Henneman, District 49
Christopher Miller, District 50
Todd Novak, District 51
Gordon Hintz, District 54
Mark Westphal, District 55
Amanda Stuck, District 57
Cory Mason, District 66
Jeff Peck, District 68
Norb Salamonski, District 69
Katrina Shankland, District 71
Nick Milroy, District 73
Beth Meyers, District 74
Chris Taylor, District 76
Terese Berceau, District 77
Lisa Subeck, District 78
Dianne Hesselbein, District 79
Sondy Pope, District 80
Dave Considine, District 81
Mandy Wright, District 85
Nancy Stencil, District 86
Dan Robinson, District 88
Eric Genrich, District 90
Dana Wachs, District 91
Chris Danou, District 92
Jeff Smith, District 93
Steve Doyle, District 94
Jill Billings, District 95
Peter Flesch, District 96

If there is a candidate you would like to know more about who is not listed here, we encourage you to contact the candidate directly to ask about their views on equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Wisconsin.