Fair Wisconsin PAC 2012 Fall General Election Endorsements

Fair Wisconsin PAC is proud to announce our endorsements for the Fall General Election on November 6, 2012.

Fair Wisconsin PAC is committed to advancing and achieving equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Wisconsinites through strategic electoral activity, by working to elect pro-fairness individuals in local, state and federal races in Wisconsin.  We are confident that these candidates will be effective leaders across the state, to continue to advance equality for LGBT Wisconsinites.

Are you a candidate on the November ballot that would like to join this list?  Please contact megin.mcdonell@fairwisconsin.com for more information about the endorsement process.

PRESIDENT: Barack Obama

US SENATE: Tammy Baldwin


District 2: Mark Pocan

District 7: Pat Kreitlow

District 8: Jamie Wall


District 6: Nikiya Harris

District 16: Mark Miller

District 18: Jessica King

District 24: Julie Lassa

District 26: Fred Risser

District 30: Dave Hansen

District 32: Jen Shilling


District 3: Kole Oswald

District 7: Daniel Riemer

District 8: JoCasta Zamarripa

District 10: Sandy Pasch

District 12: Fred Kessler

District 18: Evan Goyke

District 19: Jon Richards

District 20: Chris Sinicki

District 30: Diane Odeen

District 34: Merlin Van Buren

District 37: Mary Arnold

District 42: Paula Cooper

District 44: Deb Kolste

District 45: Janis Ringhand

District 46: Gary Hebl

District 47: Robb Kahl

District 48: Melissa Sargent

District 49: Carol Beals

District 51: Maureen May-Grimm

District 53: Ryan Flejter

District 54: Gordon Hintz

District 56: Richard Schoenbohm

District 57: Penny Bernard-Schaber

District 62: Melissa Lemke

District 66: Cory Mason

District 71: Katrina Shankland

District 72: Justin Pluess

District 73: Nick Milroy

District 74: Janet Bewley

District 76: Chris Taylor

District 77: Terese Berceau

District 78: Brett Hulsey

District 79: Dianne Hesselbein

District 80: Sondy Pope-Roberts

District 81: Fred Clark

District 85: Mandy Wright

District 90: Eric Genrich

District 92: Chris Danou

District 94: Steve Doyle

District 95: Jill Billings

District 97: Marga Krumins


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