The Race for Wisconsin Attorney General

As the August primary election approaches, and with important marriage cases moving forward through the courts, the race for Attorney General is more important than ever before.

Earlier this week, the Fair Wisconsin PAC committee, after very careful consideration and deliberation, has decided not to endorse any candidates for Attorney General before the primary election. However, the PAC Committee also made it clear that Fair Wisconsin members should know that all three Democratic candidates in both their interviews and actions showed strong support for LGBT equality.

All of the declared candidates from all parties were invited to participate, and the three Democratic candidates accepted the invitation to an interview with members of the PAC committee. All three candidates demonstrated that they would be strong champions and that they understand the role that Attorney General plays in advancing equality for the entire LGBT community – not just in marriage but also in comprehensive protection from discrimination for transgender people, and more.

Unlike the current incumbent, all three Democratic candidates including Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, State Rep. Jon Richards and Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne would have defended the state’s domestic partner registry and pledged to withdraw the state’s case appealing the marriage equality decision of Federal Judge Barbara Crabb if elected Attorney General. All three candidates also pledged to use the Attorney General’s office as a bully pulpit to expand protections for Wisconsin’s LGBT citizens.

As we continue to advance equality in Wisconsin, we are increasingly participating in elections in which more than one pro-fairness candidate is running for election. The Fair Wisconsin PAC Committee considered the interviews and other information about each race very carefully, and this decision was not made lightly.

We look forward to working with whomever wins the Democratic primary to ensure heightened awareness of existing provisions on hate crimes, non-discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations, and student non-discrimination policies to create a safe place for all LGBT people in Wisconsin.

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