Fair Wisconsin Political Action Committee (PAC)

The Fair Wisconsin Political Action Committee (PAC) is committed to advancing and achieving equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) Wisconsinites through strategic electoral activity, by working to elect pro-fairness individuals in local, state and federal races in Wisconsin.

Fair Wisconsin PAC works to elect pro-fairness individuals through endorsements of specific candidates, targeted financial support, and independent expenditure activity in support of state and local candidates.

By ensuring pro-fairness individuals occupy seats at all levels of government, we are able to focus our educational and advocacy efforts with elected officials on how, not whether, to continue working toward LGBTQ+ equity and justice in Wisconsin.

For information on the spring 2023 endorsements please contact Sean O'Brien - sean.obrien@fairwisconsin.com 

Fair Wisconsin PAC endorsements for the fall 2022 election cycle

Fair Wisconsin PAC, when considering endorsements, looks not only at the issues the candidates support but their track record in office. Fair Wisconsin is proud to endorse these candidates who have been outspoken members of and allies to the LGBTQ+ and transgender and nonbinary community.


Tony Evers

Governor Tony Evers has been and will continue to be a fierce and vocal ally to the LGBTQ+ community—especially our youth. From Governor Evers' first executive order on day one, providing comprehensive non-discrimination protections for state employees and contractors, to banning the use of state funds for the harmful practice of conversion therapy and expanding gender inclusive language in state agencies and birth certificates, to raising the LGBTQ+ pride flag over the Capitol for the first time in Wisconsin history, Governor Evers has shown his unrelenting commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. Prior to his election as Governor, Mr. Evers demonstrated his unwavering commitment to safe, just schools for queer youth and youth of other marginalized identities as the Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction. Fair Wisconsin PAC is proud to endorse Governor Tony Evers to serve another term as Governor of Wisconsin and looks forward to continuing our partnership with him in standing up for LGBTQ+ Wisconsinites of all ages.



Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes has been an outspoken ally to the LGBTQ+ community since even before his tenure of public service. Mr. Barnes started his career as a community organizer with MICAH in Milwaukee, organizing for civil rights. During his tenure on the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Education, then-Representative Barnes joined select committee members in leading the fight against the so-called bathroom bill which would prevent transgender and non-binary students from using the restrooms and facilities which best align with their gender identity—through an 8+ hour hearing Representative Barnes stood with our students, preventing the bill from becoming law. Throughout their terms, Lt. Governor Barnes worked with Governor Tony Evers to advance equality though executive orders: advancing non-discrimination protections for state employees and contractors, raising the pride flag over the state capitol for the first time in Wisconsin history, banning the use of state funds for conversion therapy, and expanding gender neutral language in state documents. It’s far past time Wisconsin elects our first Black U.S. Senator—and sends Ron Johnson packing. We are confident Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes will continue to deliver results for the LGBTQ+ community and for the state of Wisconsin in the United States Senate.

Attorney General

Josh Kaul

Wisconsin is fortunate to have a fierce LGBTQ+ ally as our Attorney General, Josh Kaul. AG Kaul has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ equality and has taken real action to combat anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, including introducing legislation to strengthen civil rights enforcement options through the Department of Justice. Over the last week AG Kaul has taken a stand and announced his office will not prosecute doctors for performing abortions, in addition to joining the state lawsuit with the Governor to ensure that the right to privacy and bodily autonomy, which are so critical for the LGBTQ+ community, are legally protected. Fair Wisconsin PAC is proud to endorse Attorney General Josh Kaul for re-election and looks forward to another term as he continues to be a strong and visible ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

U.S. Representative

Mark Pocan

Fair Wisconsin PAC is proud to endorse U.S. Representative Mark Pocan for another term in Congress. Rep. Pocan is one of the nine LGBTQ+ elected members of Congress, Co-Chair of the Congressional LGBTQ+ Caucus, and former chair and current member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Rep. Pocan played a key role in promoting, advancing, and eventually passing landmark legislation in the House, including the Equality Act which is a comprehensive nondiscrimination bill that adds sexual orientation and gender identity to federal civil rights laws, in addition to protections for women, people of color, and people of all faiths. Rep. Pocan’s fight to expand civil rights comes at a time when an unprecedented wave of anti-LGBTQ+ bills sweeps across the nation, and we know he will continue this fight as he continues serving the Second District of Wisconsin in Congress.

U.S. Representative

Gwen Moore

Fair Wisconsin PAC is proud to endorse U.S. Representative Gwen Moore for another term in Congress. Rep. Moore started her career when the Defense of Marriage Act gripped the political main stage, canvassing on her beliefs that the 14th Amendment guarantees equal protection of the laws to all persons regardless of gender or sexuality, and regardless of whom they want to marry. Rep. Moore is a lifelong ally to the LGBTQ+ community, a member of the Congressional LGBTQ+ Caucus, co-sponsor and outspoken advocate for the Equality Act, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a member and former whip of the Congressional Black Caucus, and a member and former Co-chair of the Congressional Women's Caucus.

State Wide Offices
Wisconsin State Treasurer - Aaron Richardson
Lt. Governor - Sara Rodriguez

Wisconsin State Senate
SD3 Tim Carpenter
SD5 Jessica Katzenmeyer
SD7 Chris Larson
SD15 Mark Spreitzer
SD19 Kristin Alfheim
SD25 Kelly Westlund
SD27 Dianne Hesselbein
SD31 Jeff Smith

Wisconsin State Assembly
AD7 Daniel Riemer
AD9 Marisabel Cabrera
AD10 Darrin Madison

AD11 Dora Drake
AD12 LaKeshia Myers
AD13 Sarah Harrison
AD14 Robyn Vining
AD16 Kalan Haywood
AD17 Supreme Moore Omokunde
AD18 Evan Goyke
AD20 Christine Sinicki
AD21 Nathan Jurowski
AD23 Deb Andraca
AD28 Patty Schachtner
AD29 Danielle Johnson
AD30 Sarah Yacoub
AD33 Don Vruwink
AD37 Maureen McCarville
AD43 Jenna Jacobson
AD45 Clinton Anderson
AD46 Melissa Ratcliff

AD47 Jimmy Anderson
AD57 Lee Snodgrass
AD64 Tip McGuire
AD65 Tod Ohnstad
AD66 Greta Neubauer
AD71 Katrina Shankland
AD73 Laura Gapske
AD76 Francesca Hong
AD77 Shelia Stubbs
AD78 Lisa Subeck
AD79 Alex Joers
AD80 Mike Bare
AD81 David Considine
AD84 Lu Ann Bird
AD90 Kristina Shelton
AD91 Jodi Emerson
AD94 Steve Doyle
AD95 Jill Billings

Who is Fair Wisconsin PAC?

In 2010, Fair Wisconsin PAC and the Human Rights League PAC joined forces to create one statewide LGBTQ political action committee. Fair Wisconsin PAC is an active member of Wisconsin Progress, a state-based organization committed to recruiting, training and developing progressive leaders at the state and local levels.

Members of the PAC Committee:
Nancy Nusbaum, Treasurer, De Pere
Katie Barikmo, Cedarburg
Rebecca Bonesteel, Hudson
Ross Draegert, Fox Point
Gary Goyke, Madison
Laurie Guilbault, Wauwatosa
Daniel Martin, Milwaukee
Mark Webster, Madison
Deon Young, Milwaukee

How does Fair Wisconsin PAC decide whom to endorse?

In evaluating candidates, the PAC Committee considers numerous factors: the candidates’ answers to our questionnaire and/or participation in endorsement interviews, their voting record if applicable, and their ability to demonstrate a long term commitment to protecting and advancing the civil rights of the LGBTQ community, along with the ability to deliver results.



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