Voting Resources

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Voting is one of the most important ways the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community can raise their voices in the democratic process.


  • Early voting (also known as in-person absentee voting) takes place for a specified period of time before each election. Check with your local municipal clerk for specific early voting hours where you live.
  • Photo ID IS required to vote in this election. Information about the required identification can be found here:
  • If you encounter problems when you try to vote, contact Election Protection at
  • For more information about Voter ID, check out VoteRiders here.


  • Double check your registration status (and polling place if voting on election day) here:
  • Decide when and where you will vote, put it on your calendar and make transportation arrangements if you need to.


Transgender and gender non-conforming friends and family members may face unique barriers to voting on election day, from inappropriate questions from poll workers to outright challenges to their ability to cast a ballot. Below are some resources to learn more about your voting rights and how to protect your vote on election day.

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT our “Voting While Trans” guide, and take it with you to the polls!

Click here for Voting While Trans by the National Center for Transgender Equality

Click here for a Voting While Trans checklist